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belly of woman with a c-section scar of caesarean. mother holding her baby.jpg

Gentle treatment with great results

Scar tissue is fibrotic and less mobile than pre-injury/surgery. Adhesions may form, which is when layers of tissue stick together under the skin. 

Scar work massage can help by:
- Stimulating change to scar tissue on the surface and to adhesions or fibrosis in
   the underlying tissue
- Reduce common symptoms, such as pain and sensitivity
- Promote functional and cosmetic improvements after surgery or injury 

40 minute - £45
60 minute when combined with massage £55

Caesarean Scar Massage 
To achieve optimal results, scheduling at least three appointments, not exceeding two weeks apart, is advisable. Before beginning scar therapy, ensure that your scar is fully healed, shows no signs of infection, and is at least eight weeks post-surgery.

Call or email Helen today to discuss how she can help you.


...Helen has been fantastic at not only providing a beneficial treatment but also at educating me on how these scars can impact recovery. Thanks to Helen’s skill and support I have already noticed improvement and have been able to start reconnecting with my body...."

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