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Baby Massage

Baby yoga

Baby massage is centuries old tradition which has many benefits;

it improves relaxation, encouraging longer sleep duration,

it helps to relieve the effects of wind, colic, teething and constipation,

Baby massage stimulates all of baby's major systems: coordination, respiration, digestion, learning ability and language development.

Baby massage helps to strengthen the bond between mother and child and helps to relax mother and child.


I offer baby massage to PRIVATE GROUPS, if you have 3 or more friends who would like to learn together we can arrange a time to suit you. I teach a 5 week course, about an hour a week, where you will learn a full body routine for baby as well as special routines for teething, colic and wind. If there are 4 or more of you, whoever hosts the course gets their place for free.


I can also offer PRIVATE COLIC CONSULTATIONS which are useful for colicky babies of any age. I will come to your home and spend an hour teaching you all the baby massage and baby yoga routines which help with colic as well as relaxation techniques for you and baby.

Cost: £40 for a one hour one to one session in your own home.



Early days course

Baby yoga is beneficial to the growth and development of babies. Through assisting babies into a series of safe, fun postures we help them to reach milestone moves quicker, improve relaxation and confidence, relieve the effects of wind, constipation and colic, improve muscle tone and flexibility, aid bonding, stimulate the brain and learning as well as improving balance and coordination. Baby yoga can be practiced from about 8 weeks to mobile.


I offer baby yoga sessions to PRIVATE GROUPS in 5 week blocks for an hour a week. If you have 3 or more friends who would like to learn together we can find a time to suit you. I tailor the moves to suit the age of your group. If there are 4 or more in your group and anyone would like to host the course they get their place for free.

Cost: £50 per mum and baby, (host free)

I teach a regular baby yoga class at the Forster Institute, Linslade, through Rocci yoga. For more information and to book a space click here

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